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From in-depth analysis of user and keyword trends to drafting killer strategies for your custom needs – we do it all. The only difference is – we as a professional SEO Services company do it in a much cooler way! Our fine-tuned professional Search Engine Optimization services embrace everything from local strategy setup, expanding your business capabilities, cracking the Google search rankings to setting the right KPIs. The real game starts from here. We eavesdrop your target audience to help them find where you are.

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Our streamlined work processes have helped brands chase ranks, survive them and add value to people’s search queries.

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SEO Services We Deliver

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Full Suite SEO

Our full suite professional Search Engine Optimization services are everything you might need. From targeted keyword research, setting up Google Analytics, metadata descriptions, SEO audits, link building and the list gets longer.

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Local SEO Services

When your business needs are confined to your local audience – Local SEO Services works best. From Google My Business creation, optimization, to conversion tracking and geo-tagging - we are the SEO marketing company you must partner with.

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Google Analytics Configuration

Get better insights into what factors are working for you and what is not. Keep an eye through complex tracking codes and employing tag managers – our Analytics solutions have got you covered.

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Link Building

Inorganic delivers effective results – but organic traffic has its charm. Link building is still loved by SEO-nerds to draw humans rather than bots to visit your site.

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SEO Audits

Don’t have a clue about your site’s degrading performance? Let our SEO experts audit your site’s important aspects including traffic sources, metadata, meta descriptions and keyword analysis.

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Content Creation & Implementation

Explore our range of SEO-centric link building and content outreach services to get all those good link juices flowing in and attract footfalls on your website.

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Technical SEO

Is your website’s technical SEO messed up? Our SEO experts can help you with everything from meta tags, indexing, sitemaps, linking, keyword research and analysis, and more

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Ecommerce SEO

Modern days call for modern solutions. These days owning a great looking eCommerce store is not enough. You need people to find your store and shop. eCommerce SEO is the answer.

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On-Page SEO

Be it optimizing your website pages or landing pages, driving relevant traffic through Search Engine, or writing human-friendly content for your visitors, on-page SEO is the answer.

Let’s push the boundaries of growth and success – Together.

Get in Touch for our Customized and Professional SEO Services.

Project Management Tools we use

Ready to adapt tools of your choice too

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Ideally - how much does an SEO Company charge?

When it comes to budget, you might be looking out for affordable SEO companies. Depending upon the SEO professional services they cater and experience, pricing differs. Generally speaking, SEO Projects costs anywhere between $500 to $2500 per month. Hourly rates start from $50 and more. A one-time SEO Project cost falls between $5000 – $25,000.

Seo Services

Below are our SEO Pricing Plans. Check them out!

Seo Company London


Starting from


+ Technical Audit & Recommendations
+ Keyword Research & Recommendations
+ Link Building
+Monthly Report

Best Seo Company


Starting from


+Includes everything in the Essential plan
+ Audit Recommendation Implementation

Seo Expert


Starting from


+ Includes everything in the Essential plan
+ Audit Recommendation Implementation
+2 x Content Production for Link Building
+1 x Content Production for Website

Seo Marketing


Starting from


+Includes everything in the Essential plan
+ Audit Recommendation Implementation
+ 3 x Content Production for Link Building
+ 3 x Content Production for Website

Quality and Affordability runs in the DNA of our SEO practices

Being a leading outsourcing agency, our promise to remain compliant towards the ideas and goals comes first. Here’s what they think of Wide Web Technology.

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A Sneak Peek into our Success Stories


We managed to increase Fishbowl – a Sydney-based chain restaurant’s store visit by 19% within 60 Days.


Wide Web uk

We increased their conversions by 750% in 10 months for a Sydney-based wedding band – Musical Functions.

Ribs & Burgers

Who could say no to succulent steaks and burgers by Ribs & Burgers! We got 105,944 people requesting a driving direction to this steak heaven.

Let us talk Rank, Traffic and all those Good Things that come along with it.

Reasons to choose Uplers as your Trustworthy SEO Partner

Seo Company in Europe

Global Client Base

We have a huge experience of serving over 7,000+ clients across the globe including B2B and B2C clients.

Single Point of Contact

Get a dedicated project manager for all your needs as a single point of contact.

Scalable Operations

Meet highly scalable requirements smartly with real-time resource availability.

Highly Adaptive

We know that CHANGE IS CONSTANT. We are praised for our open-ness towards goals and execution methods.

Quick Turnaround Time

Meet urgent delivery requirements with our quick deliverables. We offer time-zone flexibility as well.

Working Techniques

Our work processes are humanized – it helps us stay ahead of the game and be more productive.

What’s so special about our SEO Experts?

Have been at that road

SEO is a permutation and combination of tried and tested methodologies to make a place and name for your brand. Been there – Done That!

A NO-NO to SEO malpractice

With years of profound experience, one of the most important things that we learned was – do not mess with SEO techniques and Search Engine Algorithms. We stand by that.

SEO demands patience

Having worked as a leading SEO marketing company, we understand the complexities SEO campaigns involve. It’s competitive, intense, research-hungry and demands a high level of patience.

We meet expectations

We have niche skills, real-time insights, competitive analysis and humanly approach that set us apart and live upto your client’s expectations

Wide Web Technology have empowered 200+ Agencies Across 52 Nations Worldwide.

Flattered already? We have more!

Partnered with the Best of Industry Tools

With the right balance of industry-led practices and modern tools – we comprehend the growth and success of your SEO campaigns.

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Identifying your SEO needs – THE DECIDING FACTORS

SEO is powerful. SEO is necessary. SEO can drive mad level sales.

Have you been hearing these statements a lot lately? If yes, it’s probably because you too are planning to go give it a shot. But before you do that you must exactly know the benefits it carries along with it.

Seo Identifying

It’s not expenditure – It’s a long-term investment.

Yes, we might sound absurd here. But, the majority of SEO marketing company believe in this. SEO is costly compared to other paid marketing options and channels. But when you invest wisely in it – you’ll see significant results and long-lasting ones. It is a modest and promising investment you could do for your business.

Influences your Sales

The underlying objective to choose SEO remains the same for all – gain sales and increase profits. SEO is believed to draw better ROIs then every other marketing platform available. On top of that – the better conversions you get, the less costly it gets. Online consumers are smarter than you think. They’ll always go out on search engines to get the best buying deals. Hence, it directly impacts your sales by attracting the right buyers through relevant keywords and ranking them.

SEO acts like a Catalyst

Businesses and brands always prefer to not just rely on a single marketing channel. Say, a brand might choose to spend thousands of dollars in getting their branding kit designed and printed for an offline audience. Whereas another business might prefer Social Media Channels like Instagram and Facebook to promote their clothing brand.

Amidst all these, SEO for your website along with these efforts is only going to speed up the process. If you ignore SEO, you might lose out on millions of potential buyers that are looking out for you but can’t find you on Search Engines.

Builds Credibility

Whenever a person fires a search query on Search Engine, the results that appear on the first page are trusted the most. Why? Because they will believe you are the best. SEO is a game of trust and credibility.

It makes your brand recognized and trusted by people – not just bots and spiders. SEO metrics like relevant Keywords, meta title, backlinks, meta descriptions are few of the important elements to draw a powerful SEO trajectory. Getting in your prospect’s head isn’t easy but once you get there – half the battle is won.

Quick Tips for Picking the SEO Agency
for Your Business

These, and other factors that are more nuanced towards your business, are the considerations you have to take into account as you consider hiring an SEO Agency to boost your sales and achieve targeted traffic.

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Know Where to Look for the Right Agency

The answer to this need is Simple – Look in the right places.

A study by Search Engine Watch states that “Organic search accounts for 51% of the traffic brands receive on average, and investment in SEO services is projected to rise to $79 billion annually by 2020.

Times are such where your one Google Search Query might end up flooding with “SEO Prophets promising you Unicorns”. But can you trust them? So, while brands and businesses like yours are searching for that Trustworthy SEO Partner – the one that can promise you a long-term and sound SEO plan, you must look in the right places.

With recruiting platforms like Zip recruiter and Glassdoor, you can be assured of finding trusted and verified SEO Agencies to meet your SEO needs.

Wide Web Seo Agency

Questions you must ask when you are recruiting an SEO Agency

So, you have decided to hire an agency and you also have a budget to spare to rank your website. But, how would you decide on the best and affordable SEO Company? You might be flooded with loads of questions while choosing one.

There are only two possibilities. Either they’ll become your long-term SEO partners – agencies that practice white hat SEO techniques including growing organic traffic, improvising your site’s SERP and fish out more leads. Or they’ll turn out to be the biggest regret and nightmare of your business – black-hat SEO techniques, leading to google penalties and decreasing website traffic.

When you are spending thousands of dollars to achieve measurable success, you can’t afford to miss out on anything. The more you’ll ask, the better your decisions will be.

Do you have a comprehensive SEO plan?

You might not need all of the services an SEO Service company is offering but when you want to evaluate their deliverables, you must choose a holistic one. An SEO strategy comprises of three important things –

Technical SEO Audit, Content Optimization and Off-page SEO techniques.

While selecting the SEO agency, make sure they have expertise in all the three and that they can curate a result-driven SEO Strategy.

Seo Agency 01
Seo Agency 02

Do they have real statistics?

SEO professional services are something where you cannot judge the service provider based on mere words. You need to look beyond. Let the numbers and statistics speak! Ask them to share their recent works – say white papers or case studies. This will help you understand how insightful and actionable they are!

How do they prefer staying up-to-date with SEO?

The whole point of “Staying one step ahead of the competition” doesn’t mean you should have an “Aabra-Ka-Dabra” thing. It simply means knowing what lies ahead and how can you bring innovation to it.

An SEO Agency without a futuristic approach is of no use. Your professional SEO Partner must have foresight about the significant SEO trends. Say, when we talk about the year 2020 – mobile-optimized, structured data, BERT, zero-click searches i.e. featured snippets and of course content is going to top the charts.

So, your question as a recruiter must be “Out of these trends which one would do best for your business.” knowing the SEO landscape would help you leverage SEO strategies for the best performance

Seo Agency 03
Seo Agency 04

How do they prefer staying up-to-date with SEO?

SEO is not a dish-fit-for-all thing. It depends on so many factors including your business domain, your budget, keyword rankings, competition and time. While a low competition keyword might rank you in say two months, a high competition keyword might take 8 months to rank. SEO results are subjective. Hence, don’t fall for the cheesy SEO promises. There is no full-proof plan to predict the exact amount of time to achieve targeted ROIs.

And if an SEO Service company claims any results, say 1000 visitors in 3 days – just pack your bags and RUN AWAY!

How do they measure SEO success?

During your encounter with a professional SEO services company, make sure they don’t weave stories and results around just one thing – RANKINGS. Parameters like organic revenues, ROIs and targeted traffic is what you must expect from them. Because your SEO performance isn’t determined on traffic – it depends on the quality and relevancy of the traffic you receive.

Seo Agency Wide Web

Looking for a reliable operational partner for your company’s growth?

Benefits of Hiring an Agency to Handle Your Professional SEO Services

Considering hiring a professional SEO Company to take care of your SEO needs? Here’s what you need to know to help make the final decision:

Digital Agency Services


It is something that stands an agency apart from others. When you work with agencies, you are ensured that they’ll be available as per your schedule and prioritize your needs.

Lower costs

Going the agency route will save you tons of money. From the cost of recruiting and maintaining a remote front-end developer to equipment costs, you’ll make huge savings by hiring an agency.


It’s easier to scale campaigns when working with an agency than when using in-house developers. This is because agencies are better equipped (both human resources and tools) to handle campaigns of different sizes.

Versatile skill sets

Working with an agency gives you access to diverse skill sets, increasing the chances of you getting highly responsive web apps that you’d be hard-pressed to.

A Better understanding of the competition

Because of working with various clients in different verticals, agencies tend to have a better understanding of the competition, thereby giving you an edge.

Results driven

Agencies tend to be more results driven than in-house teams as their survival depends on bringing in positive results for clients.


Going the agency route offers you exceptional flexibility in terms of how you want to work with your remote developer.


Because agencies handle different clients, their developers tend to have some serious creative chops.


Agencies take the ownership of your professional ecosystem, client- relationships and your brand’s credibility.

Down the line, when you explore SEO companies that provide affordable SEO Services, these things surely influence your SEO results in the long-run.

Decided to hire an SEO Agency? Make sure they track these KPIs for your business.

Spending a fortune after your website’s SEO and if the expected results don’t show up – clearly means that your professional SEO Agency needs to rethink SEO strategies. Amidst the cut-throat competition, all your business needs is a trustworthy SEO Partner who can backtrack the poor SEO of your website.So, before you plunge into choosing your affordable SEO Services Provider, here are some KPI metrics that your professional SEO services company should track for your business.

Organic Traffic based on Geographical Location

When you are optimizing your website or blog to get more footfalls, you would want to know in which part of the world does your audience lie. Nothing like it, right? This will help the SEO experts to target and optimize location-based keywords.

High Performing Pages

There exist certain pages on your website which attracts more traffic than the other pages. You can optimize these high-performing pages to direct the audience towards other related web pages. You can do so by adding proper Call to Actions, showcasing offers, adding affiliate links, contact forms and many more. This is a great method when you want to carry out lead generation.

Average Session Duration & Pages Per Session

One more KPI which every professional SEO company keeps in mind is the average time a user spends on your landing page. This metric will state how interesting is your page and how is the user engaging with the content. Similarly, Pages Per Session will define the number of pages of user visits during a single session. Any flaws in internal linking and navigation can be corrected prompting users to take the desired action.

Wide Web Business
Organic Traffic based on the Source

There are two different kinds of traffic sources. One – Sources based on platforms (mobiles, tablets and desktop) and Two – Sources based on the impressions (search console, backlinks and social media). This would help to optimise your SEO campaigns and increase ROIs by targeting the right channel and platform.

Organic Impressions

Organic impressions is the prime metric to help you grow your online presence. Why? Because this parameter defines the total number of times a user encountered your link on the Search Engine. The more – the better. If this is poor, you need to work on your meta description and meta keywords.

Bounce rate

This is a much-buzzed metric among the Search Engine Marketers. If you have been wondering why users aren’t staying to spend time on your page – bounce rate is the first thing that needs fixing. Reasons can be many. Irrelevant content, too many ads, poorly structured landing page, readability score, too many pop-ups, distracting CTAs and so on. Choosing a trustworthy and affordable SEO Company will help you figure out quality traffic and higher engagement.

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